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What to Bring

It is vitally important that children arrive at least 10 minutes prior to their lesson time ensuring them enough time to prepare and to be ready waiting for the commencement of their lesson. Making full use of their lesson time is crucial as the duration of the lesson is only 30 minutes. If your child is late they may miss out on important skills taught during the lesson and may be disruptive for the others in the lesson.



The most imortant piece of clothing required for any swim lesson. For boys we do not recommend long baggy shorts and for girls we recommend that they wear a one-piece bathing suit.


Rash vest and wetsuits are not recommended as with our pool being heated to 31 degrees there is no need for children to wear rash or wetsuit as these items of clothing can make the children colder and also ccan limit their movement.


Swimming Caps

Whilst it is not compulsory we strongly encourage all children with hair shoulder length or longer to wear a swim cap.


The benefits of wearing a swimming cap is that it will:

  • Keep your child's hair out their face
  • Keep your child warmer
  • Keep our water clean

We have a range of swimming caps of all sizes available at our reception.



Children are free to wear googles although on occasions during their lesson we will perform drills with the children not wearing their googles. Googles are an important part of enouraging children to take the step and put their face under water. We have a huge range of googles of all sizes acailable at our reception.


Swim Nappies

We strongly advise that all parents with children enrolled in our Babies and Toddlers lessons are required to wear a swim nappy if they are not yet toilet trained.