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Payments / Check In

Students are to be checked in at reception by a parent or guardian and thier lesson paid for prior to the commencment of thier lesson.



Students who are ill or have any contagious diseases are not permitted to swim until such illnesses symptoms have fully ceased.



Notification of a class cancellation must be given by 12 noon on the day of the lesson (Monday – Friday afternoon Lessons) or no later than 8:30am for all morning lessons. (Monday-Saturday morning lessons)


Cancellations can be done over the phone, or by leaving a message on our answering machine.


Make-Up Lessons

If your child is not able to attend their regular lesson and have notified us with the prescribed timeframe as per our cancellation policy then the child is eligible for a make-up lesson.


Make-up classes cannot be cancelled or rescheduled once they are booked, if this is the case then they will be forfeited. All make up classes are to be booked and completed by the end of each school semester or they will be forfeited. Make-up classes are to be schedule outside of the child's regular booked swim lesson time and whilst the child is enrolled with the swim school.


Make-up classes are subjuct to availability and cannot be guaranteed.



A parent or guardian must be present and supervising their child/children at all times before, during and after their lesson. Children are not permitted to enter the water until the previous lesson is completed.


Photography & Video

If you do not wish for photos to be taken whilst your child is participating in a class, please notify one of our staff and inform the teacher in the pool. When taking photos please only take individual photos of your child and not the class, unless permission is given by the other parents/guardians.


Your assistance in this would be appreciated as it is a requirement for the protection of young children.


Pool Use

All children are not able to use the pool outside their class time.