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How big is your pool? The pool is 17 metres long by 7 metres wide.
How deep is your pool? The pool is 0.87 metres in the shallow end and 1.22 metres in the deep end.
Is your pool heated? Yes, the pool is heated to between 31 and 32 degrees celsius all year round. 
What are the lesson fees?

All fees apply across all our swimming levels

  • One child - Single Lesson $20
  • Three children - Single Lessons $57
  • One child - Two Lessons per week $31
  • Junior Squad* $16
  • Senior Squad $20
  • One Child – Private Lesson** $39
  • Two Children – Private Lesson** $49

* Junior squad consists of children taking part in regular lessons as well as squad training


** Private lessons are reserved for children with special needs and are dependent on availability

How long is each class? Classes run for 30 minutes. All Squad classes are 60 minutes in duration.
How often do children need to attend classes? Children are booked in for one class per week on a regular basis, although children can do a regular second lesson which is at a discounted rate for that second lesson.
What are the class sizes (ratios)? Babies & Toddlers –
Tadpoles - Up to 10 children in a class with two instructors
Learn to Swim
Fishes- Up to 4 children per instructor
Octopus- Up to 6 children per instructor
Stroke Development
Sharks- Up to 8 children per instructor
Dolphins- Up to 20 children per squad coach
Does my child need to wear a rash / sun vest during swim classes? With our pool being heated to 31 degrees there is no need for children to wear rash or sun vest. These items of clothing can make the children colder and can imit their movement.
Does my baby/toddler need to wear nappies? Yes,  All Babies and toddlers are required to wear a swim nappy if they are not toilet trained.
Does my child need to wear goggles? Children are encouraged to wear goggles during their classes. On occasion during their lesson we will perform drills without googles being worn.
Does my child need to wear swim caps? Whilst it is not compulsory we strongly encourage all children with hair shoulder length or longer to wear a swim cap.
Can I leave the premises during my child's swim lessons? No, A parent or guardian must be present and supervising their child/children at all times before, during and after their lesson.
At what age can children be in a swim class on their own? Most children can start lessons without a parent/guardian at 3 years of age. This will depend of the child's swimming ability.
Do I have to be in the water with my child during their lesson? All of our ‘Babies and Toddlers’ classes require each child to be accompanied in the water by an adult. Our classes are designed to teach you confidence in the water with your child.
When and how often are students assessed? Students are assessed on a continuous basis, when a student is ready to complete a level one of our senior instructors will asses the child and advise the parent and child of the achievement and issue them with a level completion cerificate.
When do I need to notify if my child cannot attend a class?

Notification of a class cancellation must be given by 12 noon on the day of the lesson (Monday – Friday afternoon Lessons) or no later than 8:30am for all morning lessons. (Monday-Saturday morning lessons)


If your child is not able to attend their regular lesson and have notified us with the prescribed timeframe as per our cancellation policy then the child is eligible for a make-up lesson.

Do you offer make-up classes?

Yes, we offer make-up classes if your child is not able to attend their regular lesson and if we have notified us within the prescribed timeframe.


Make-up classes cannot be cancelled or rescheduled once they are booked, if this is the case then they will be forfeited. All make up classes are to be booked and completed by the end of each school semester or they will be forfeited. Make-up classes are to be schedule outside of the child's regular booked swim lesson time and whilst the child is enrolled with the swim school.


Make-up classes are subjuct to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Are there classes on a public holiday and do we have to pay for a class if it falls on a Public holiday? No. There are no classes on public holiday therefore you will not be charged for your lesson if it falls on a public holiday.
Do lessons continue on through the school holidays? Yes, Our swim school operates throughout all school terms including the school holidays.
Do you offer classes for squad level? Yes, We offer squad classes 4 times a week (Monday – Thursday)
Do you offer private classes? Yes, We do offer private classes although we reserve these classes for children with special needs and are subject to availability. These classes are conducted outside of our core lesson times.
Do you offer adult classes? No, Unfortunately due to lack of available times slots, we currently do not offer any adult classes.
Do you have ladies only classes? No, Unfortunately due to lack of available times slots, we currently do not offer any adult classes.
Do you offer School Holiday intensive programs?

Yes, we do offer school holiday intensive programs; they are run on the first week of each school holidays (Monday through to Thursday)


Bookings are essential for these programs and all are welcome it is not a requirement to be enrolled with us.

Can I take photographs?

If you wish to take photos please be respectful of other children and their parents. When taking photos please only take photos of your child only and not of the class, unless permission is given by the other parents/guardians. 

How do I raise any concerns or provide feedback?

Please fell free to raise and concerns or feedback with any one of our staff who will be able to provide you with a response or point you in the right direction to assist you with your query alternatively you can raise them via our website.

What happens if my child cannot complete the classes for the term?

If your child cannot complete the term lessons due to injury or serious illness, please inform us for a credit for the remaining lessons.

How often do you test the water?

We test the quality of the water at least 2 times a day with the council having regular water quality checks per their regulatory requirements.

How often do you clean the premises?

The premises are cleaned daily each morning prior to our first lessons of the day with a basic tidy up after each session.