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Our Program

Babies and Toddlers

Our babies and toddlers program provides parents and child classes from 6 months of age up to pre-school age children. With a strong focus on water safety and survival our classes will teach your child the fundamentals of the swimming strokes while enjoying the water in a safe and fun environment. Parents are required to participate and continue the tasks that the instructors have set and it is this continuous learning that builds stronger skills and greater improvement.




Our tadpoles go through 3 levels of progression building their safety skills, confidence and age appropriate swimming abilities to reach our advanced levels. Our advanced Tadpoles become competent swimmers in freestyle and backstroke and can float fully clothed for up to 15 minutes unassisted and at the beginning of each calendar month our advanced students spend the class learning and building water safety skills specific to their age and ability level.


Learn to Swim

Our Learn to Swim program provides classes for children from 3 years of age and above. We focus on teaching the fundamental of swimming correctly and each group spends quality time with their instructors to build their individual skills. Water safety is a focus within each lesson and at the beginning of each month a portion of the class is spent learning and building water safety skills specific to their age and ability level.





Our Fishes progress through 3 levels of learning. Children within these levels are taught with the assistance of the instructor to build strong foundations and form the correct techniques and swimming skills. With a focus on developing freestyle and backstroke children learn to co-ordinate arm and leg actions along with correct breath control and build toswim independently for a short distance.



Children within the Octopus level swim independently with instructors that teach both in and out of the water and swim over a distance of 10m. Children continue to build their skills in Freestyle and Backstroke and are introduced to Breaststroke and Survival Backstroke.


Stroke Development

Once children can co-ordinate Freestyle (with correct breathing) and Backstroke over a distance of 15m they can join the Shark stroke development group.




There are 3 levels of progression that build stroke, strength and endurance. Children learn to build correct swimming techniques in Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Survival Backstroke and are introduced to Butterfly and Side Stroke. As children progress they build from swimming 17m, to 25m to 50m of a particular strokes



We currently have 3 squads and 1 junior squad. These recreational squads will build your child's swimming strength, general fitness and swimming endurance. The four competitive strokes are the main focus and we teach all students Starts, Finishes, Tumble turns, Relays and Competitive Swimming Rules. Each semester we run a time trails and track the progress and development of our squad members.


Holiday Intensive Program

During each school holiday's we run a 4-day intensive swim program. These lessons are 45mins long and children swim each day from Monday to Thursday. An intensive program is a great way to kick start swimming lessons for your child or assist current swimmers with their progression.